Kindergarten Registration Month

In 2018, Governor Carney proclaimed November as Kindergarten Registration Month, a celebration of early and on-time kindergarten registration in Delaware. 

Armed with this information, the first-ever statewide Kindergarten Registration Campaign, launched in partnership with First Lady Tracey Quillen Carney, included 15+ information sessions and the distribution of over 3,000 kindergarten registration kits.

The Delaware Readiness Teams continue to raise awareness of early and on-time kindergarten registration year-round through conferences, community events, and kindergarten academies. 

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"My daughter is officially registered for kindergarten. The website made it easy to learn the process and the kindergarten folders were a great way for me to keep all the paperwork organized. Thank you! I wish I had this for my oldest daughter."


-Delaware Parent

Tracey Quillen Carney Kicks Off Kindergarten Registration Month 2020

Tracey Quillen Carney reads "Joshua and Jasmine Go to Kindergarten"

Recap of the 2019 Kindergarten Registration Month Kickoff at the Dover Public Library. 

PSA featuring First Lady Tracey Quillen Carney: November is Kindergarten Registration Month in Delaware

First Lady Tracey Quillen Carney reads Chicka Chicka Boom Boom to children at the Dover Public Library. 

Register for Kindergarten

Finding Your School

  • Find Your School—Locator Tool
    • Click the link for the Department of Education website ‘Locator Tool,’
    • Enter your address or development/neighborhood, and
    • Locate your school.
  • Find your School—Mapping
    • Click the link for the Department of Education website ‘Mapping Tool,’
    • Enter your address, and
    • Locate your school.

School Choice Program—Applications & Process

Application for Enrollment:

Enrollment Deadlines:

  • School Choice Deadline: January (End of Open Enrollment Period)

  • School Choice Notification: No later than June 15

  • School Start Date: August

Application for Termination:

School Choice Program

School Choice Timeline and Associated Information:

  • Open Enrollment Period for a parent to submit a Standard Application
    • School choice enrollment opens between or after the first Monday of November and closes on or before the second Wednesday in January.
      • Written application on a standard Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) to DDOE or the school/program in a Receiving Local Education Agency (RLEA)
      • A parent enrolling their child in kindergarten may submit the standard application form to the RLEA up until the first day of the school year for enrollment in kindergarten during that school year.
    • Application withdrawal may occur at any time prior action by the RLEA Board through written notice with child’s district of residence
    • After the application deadline a parent of a school-age child may submit the standard application form after the dealing if “good cause” as defined in 14 Del.C.,§402(2) exists. See link below for more information.
    • Full timeline for 2018-2019, with processing information, can be found here.

District Information (With Kindergarten)

*See below for complete list of school profiles.

Charter Information (With Kindergarten)

Academy of Dover

Campus Community School Charter School of New Castle Eastside Charter School First State Montessori Academy Kuumba Academy Charter School La Academia Antonia Alonso Las Americas ASPIRA Academy MOT Charter Newark Charter School Odyssey Charter School Providence Creek Academy Thomas Edison Charter School Sussex Montessori School

Kindergarten Academies