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Readiness Team Information
Delaware Readiness Teams members represent each component of the Readiness Equation.

The Delaware Readiness Teams are a statewide initiative of volunteer-based teams that bring together early learning professionals, school representatives, families, and community members to help support children birth to age 8 get ready for school and life

Each team consists of key people who live in the community or support families and children birth – age eight. Delaware Readiness Teams members represent each component of the Readiness Equation:

The Readiness Equation:
Ready Families
Ready Early Learning Providers
Ready Schools
Ready Communities
Ready Children
Delaware Readiness Teams Members
Ready Families
Parents, Grandparents, and Guardians
Ready Early Learning Providers
Teachers, Administrators, Delaware Stars Representatives, Family Child Care, High School/College Students, Home Visitors
Ready Schools
Teachers, Administrators, District Leaders, Service Providers, School Nurses
Ready Communities
State Service Representatives, Health Care Providers, Business/Chambers of Commerce, Community Organizations, Faith Based Providers, Library Representatives
Team Focus
Kindergarten Readiness & Registration
Children will be enrolled on time and ready to learn on the first day of kindergarten​
Healthy Children & Developmental Screening
Increase in screening and, according to results, provide families with resources and services to support​
Family Empowerment
Families will increase knowledge of child development and implement activities that will support learning and growth​
Advocating for the family voice so policy reflects what is best for children and their families​
Team Benefits
Gain valuable community contacts
Be able to share community events and updates
Receive up-to-date information and/or resources that are available:
Kindergarten registration information packets, summer learning materials, books, school supplies, etc.
Opportunity to have your voice heard through community meetings or surveys
Opportunity to share your own resources or programming with the community
Opportunity to identify needs that could be addresses through funding, partnerships, and/or advocacy